Due in 18 hours ORIGINAL work apa format
August 15, 2020
Fortune 500 Worst Company: ‘Avon Cosmetics Company’
August 15, 2020

Advanced Project Management Best Practices on Implementation byHarold Kerzner 2nd Edition
Case 2:Hyten Corporation (Use Knowledge attained through Chapter 8).
Chapter Titles
1. Growth of Project Management
2. Success Maturity and Excellence: Definitions
3. The Driving Force for Maturity
4. Project Management Methodologies
5. Strategic Planning For Excellence in Project Management
6. The Maturity of Modern Project Management
7. Project Portfolio Management
8. The Project Office
The case study consist of the following:
Select the one Best Practice (related to the knowledge of the assigned chapters) in the case that you feel will have the best return for the organization to implement in future projects.
Next select three (3) questions from the list in the case study that relate to the above Best Practice and answer them.
Describe why the Best Practice was effective what issues did it address?
Describe the feedback loop that was and will be used to measure/assure that the Best Practice was Effective.
Explain how to implement this best practice in other parts of the organization. Try to evenly distribute your effort and response in these five areas.
Minimum 1000 words
APA Style
Use the following headings (verbatim) in case study:
1. Best Practice
2. Answers to three specific questions at the end of the case study
3. Why the Best Practice was effective
4. Feedback loop to measure the success of the Best Practice
5. How will this Best Practice be implemented in other parts of the organization
6. References.
Build the outline from these with your title page and common references such as the text course articles and the PMBOK Guide. Add additional credible references that you need to support your claims. Please use page numbers in citations even when paraphrased.

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