Question: 4.)On January 1, 2017, Alpha Company purchased a significant

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May 5, 2020
Question 8 Alpha Corporation started the 2017 fiscal year with
May 5, 2020

Question: 4.)On January 1, 2017, Alpha Company purchased a significant

influence shares investment in the Bravo-Zulu Company for $250,000. This investment balance represents 25% of the equity of the Bravo-Zulu Company. During 2017, Bravo-Zulu Company reported Net Income of $25,000 on November 15, 2017 Bravo-Zulu Company paid cash dividends of $10,000 to its shareholders. Using this information, what are the FY 2017 balances in Alpha Company’s account balances for:

a. Investment in Bravo-Zulu

b. Investment Income

5.)On January 2, 2017, Alpha Company purchased 10,000 shares of the stock of Zulu Company, and did not obtain significant influence. The investment is intended as a long-term investment. The stock was purchased for $10 per share, and represents a 10% ownership stake. Zulu Company made $25,000 of net income in 2017, and paid dividends of $10,000 on December 15, 2017. On December 31, 2017, Zulu Company’s stock was trading on the open market for $12 per share at the end of the year. Use this information to determine the dollar amounts that should be reported by Alpha Company during 2017 for the following items:

1. Dividend Income

2. Unrealized Gain/Loss – OIC (If a loss, enter the amount with dollar sign inside of brackets)

3. Available-for-Sales Securities

6.)The Common Stock account for Alpha Corporation on January 1, 2017 was $37,500. On June 1, 2017 Alpha issued an additional 2,500 shares of common stock. The Common Stock is $5 par. There was neither Preferred Stock nor any Treasury Stock, Paid in Capital Excess to par Common Stock was $10,000 on January 1 and $15,000 on June 2 and net income was $124,700. Use this information to determine for December 31, 2017 the amount of:

a. Total Stockholders Equity

b. Earnings per Share (rounded to the nearest penny)

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