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March 12, 2020
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March 12, 2020

Chapter 09—Marketing on Photo Sharing Sites

True / False
1. Marketers should be constantly changing and updating their images.​ a. True b. FalseANSWER:  True
2. Flickr was the first photo sharing site.​ a. True b. FalseANSWER:  False
3. Image sharing can help drive web traffic to a website.​ a. True b. FalseANSWER:  True
4. Unlike video sharing and other social media tools, target audiences are not as important for photo sharing.​ a. True b. FalseANSWER:  False
5. ​Typically the most popular images are those that are carefully planned and staged. a. True b. FalseANSWER:  False
6. One of the best practices in marketing through photo sharing is to stage the product professionally before taking the photo.​ a. True b. FalseANSWER:  False
Multiple Choice
7. What is behind the growth in photo sharing?​ a. ​The growth of Facebook and its photo sharing tools. b. ​The growth of smartphones. c. ​The growth of digital cameras. d. ​Companies recognize it can be an effective marketing strategy. e. ​The growth of sites like Flickr make it much easier.ANSWER:  b
8. What is a photo sharing site?​ a. ​A website that provides stock photography. b. ​A website that allows users to upload photos for public or private viewing. c. ​A website with photos that lets viewers download them. d. ​A website that lets you upload photos from your mobile phone. e. ​A website that monetizes user generated photos and images.ANSWER:  b
9. Which of the following does not describe a photo sharing site?​ a. ​It lets users upload images. b. ​It provides photo organization tools, like albums or galleries. c. ​It allows users to comment and rate other photos. d. ​It allows users to tag photos with relevant keywords. e. ​It lets people buy or license images.ANSWER:  e
10. The first photo sharing site was​: a. ​Webshots. b. ​Photobucket. c. ​Flickr. d. ​Snapfish. e. Facebook.ANSWER:  a
11. ​Why is it important for a company to stay connected on a photo sharing site? a. It boosts search engine optimization. b. ​People have short attention spans. c. ​Interacting with other users help draw people back to your content. d. ​It generates buzz and interest. e. ​It puts a human face to the company.ANSWER:  c
12. ​What is a worry that companies may have about sharing photos? a. ​Their photos may be used inappropriately. b. ​Users may tag the photos incorrectly. c. ​They may not receive comments on all photos. d. ​Trade secrets may be uncovered through the images they share. e. ​Their photos may be stolen by the competition.ANSWER:  d
13. Which statement is false?​ a. ​Sharing photos can provide a human face to a company. b. ​The cost of sharing images online is low. c. ​A photo sharing strategy will require a large time commitment. d. ​Photos often show up on the first page of search engine results. e. ​Photos can be used to influence buyer mood.ANSWER:  c
14. The Library of Congress used which photo sharing website?​ a. ​Webshots b. ​Photobucket c. ​Flickr d. ​Instagram e. ​PinterestANSWER:  c
15. Stock photography is​: a. ​more spontaneous than user generated photography. b. ​professional photography produced by agencies or photo libraries. c. ​typically free. d. ​very helpful for photo sharing. e. ​the best way for a company to demonstrate its expertise in a particular area.ANSWER:  b
16. Which statement is true?​ a. ​All photos posted on sharing sites must contain original content. b. ​It is most effective for a company to focus all efforts on a single photo sharing site. c. ​A clear call to action on all posted photos helps drive website traffic. d. ​Tagging images with relevant keywords helps users find images easier. e. ​Due to its restrictive nature, Creative Commons licensing should be avoided.ANSWER:  d
17. Imgur appeals mostly to​: a. ​smartphone users because of its mobile interface. b. ​former Webshots customers. c. ​the Library of Congress. d. ​those who appreciate storytelling. e. ​users who do not wish to pay for photo storage.ANSWER:  d
18. Which photo sharing website was first used by the White House official photographer?​ a. ​Facebook b. ​Photobucket c. ​Webshots d. ​Google e. ​FlickrANSWER:  e
Subjective Short Answer
19. Explain why the customer should be the center of your marketing efforts on photo sharing sites.​ANSWER:  If all the photos are posted by the company or brand, consumers will be less likely to be involved. The goal is to have the consumers share information themselves. That will be much more effective.​
20. ​Why is it important to use social networking tools when posting photos to photo-sharing sites?ANSWER:  Simply posting a photo doesn’t guarantee it will be seen or go viral. It helps spread the images to a wider audience, ideally ensuring the content is seen by more viewers more rapidly.​
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