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March 12, 2020
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March 12, 2020


The main purpose of using cloud computing is the easy and fast conversion of information between companies, as well as portability convenience. With increasing demand for the availability of only one source source from updated information, cloud computing became more and more technical. Many companies have started implementing these technologies in their infrastructure. The cloud computing service is divided into 3 levels: the platform as a service (IaaS), Service (PaaS), and Software (SaaS). To successfully run the cloud service, there must be a proper and efficient connection between the cloud service provider and the company. Govindar Rao, Akbar R. And Sun K. (2018) analyzed the infrastructure of information systems on cloud computing processing. Cloud computing has become a new technology, which stores data and makes the path available worldwide. This increased data was made possible to move from any part of the world without mobility and security considerations. He will redefine the relationship between information technology and information systems, eliminating dependencies.

Rahi S. S., Bussi S. And Misra S. S. (2017) studied issues related to the introduction of cloud service. Difficulties such as infrastructure support, confidential customer data protection, data coordination between the departments, operational difficulties, performance tuning, and employee training. Another important aspect of cloud computing infrastructure scalability: To improve the infrastructure needs suddenly, we can easily increase server efficiency. For example, online stores should have heavy bandwidth during holidays and holidays. In addition to infrastructure and platform adaptability, cloud services are of great benefit and can be found in the business without changing any language in our local language. Until this flexibility, we only have to pay for the service / storage we use. It combines economic efficiency and increases all business operations. Cloud computing guarantees everything from limited scholarship and limitless adaptability to interest and capex funds. Although many unanswered questions about cloud computing still exist, many companies are optimistic and can guarantee these assurances. In fact, cinemas are also attracted by cloud computing, and there is no need to maintain mechanical advantage over their competitors to explain their reasons, and the cloud is new to newcomers. Any cloud computing can give these assurances, one thing is certain: Companies should not lose their security, suspicion and control to go to the cloud. They need to understand what’s going on in the cloud, how their applications are transferred and how they should be monitored and coordinated. “Unpredictable Demand” in Cloud Computing is an aggressive: a quality that responds quickly and decisively to business companies for growing and changing business needs. Durable companies that are interested in IT professionals in the rest of the programs remaining in the hands are using new opportunities and aggressive. This observation triggered us to see more and more, how fast the cloud computing is, how to increase IP activation and how many companies lose cloud computing for other works.


Article 1: Cloud computing solves the inefficiencies that the small and medium size organizations are facing now for installing computing resources and to maintaining those. Cloud computing helps to handle business in a new way and plays a major contribution in developing the business. With the advent of the new technology “Cloud Computing” which is embedded with all features like Flexibility, Scalability, Agility and Cost Reduction helps organizations to meet the needs of customer. In cloud the maintenance and responsibilities of infrastructure will be taken care by service providers. This approach is mainly helpful when an organization is having multiple branches in different parts of the world. Cloud services are supposed to increase by 30% per annum. Setting a dedicated server and having all computing resources is becoming difficult to small and medium size companies. Cloud can store all this resources like storage servers, networking, software etc and this all can be managed by third-party providers which are referred to as service providers. Based on the needs the service provides will provide service to the organizations (Colin & Felicia, 2016).

Article 2: Depending on the business goals the companies can select the service models which suites their business needs. Now-a days all organizations irrespective of the size of the company everyone is migrating to cloud as it will be easy move to access the resources from any part of the world. Security is the main concern for every organization and organizations should take care of those cloud attacks. In deciding a change in an organization, we have to consider profit from cloud computing and should take a wise decision as it is important as there are five main characteristics like measured service, on-demand self-service, broad network access, rapid elasticity and resource pooling. In this way it benefits the small medium businesses to cut their cost and run their business (Lakshmi Devasena, 2014).

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