Transgenic mice

Transgenic mice and other model animals are used to study human neurodegenerative disorders to ________.

  • develop animals with desirable traits.
  • research molecular mechanisms of a human disorder.
  • produce genes for gene therapy.
  • produce tissues for transplantation
  • all of the choices are possible reasons transgenic mice and other model animals are used to study these disorders.

The observation that schizophrenia is associated with duplications of a certain copy number variant (CNV), while autism spectrum disorders are associated with deletions of the same CNV, suggests that _____.

  • neither disorder has a genetic component
  • both disorders have an environmental component
  • both disorders share common developmental pathways
  • CNV mutations are present in all psychiatric disorders
  • both disorders have identical phenotypes

Individuals with androgen insensitivity are abnormal because

  • their ovarian ducts do not develop.
  • they have no Mullerian ducts.
  • their testes do not produce testosterone.
  • they have no SRY gene.
  • they are missing a receptor protein for testosterone.
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