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What will be your company’s competitive advantage?

You have just won a lottery. The prize amount is 10 million dollars (after tax). After some consideration, you have decided to quit your current job and start a business.
Q1) What business will you start
Q2) What will be your company’s competitive advantage? Or why the customers will choose your product or services over those of other companies in the market?
Q3) For your business, which employee group is the most critical in delivering the competitive advantage?
Q4) For the critical employee group to appropriately deliver the competitive advantage, what are the knowledge and skills that the employees need to possess, behaviors that they need to engage in, or the culture that needs to be established?
Q5) What are some HRM practices (e.g., selection, training, performance appraisal, and compensation) that you may adopt to foster the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and culture that were identified in Q4?

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