Could you kindly help me solve this problem below.

To Whom It May Concern: I am totally stuck on this problem. See Below:
May 5, 2020
Question:Below are the answers I calculated for the query,
May 5, 2020

Could you kindly help me solve this problem below. Thank you<br/><br/><br/>The

following is the Bravo Unlimited adjusted Trial Balance.
Bravo Unlimited
Adjusted Trial Balance
December 31, 2016
Account Title
Debit Credit

Cash $88,450

Accounts Receivable 331,860

Supplies 13,255

Prepaid Rent 10,500

Equipment 295,285

Accumulated Depreciation $236,760
Accounts Payable 75,555
Wages Payable   14,000
Capital Stock  220,000
Retained Earnings   111,145
Service Revenue   900,105
Interest Income   1,500
Rent Expense 64,000

Wages Expense 541,260

Supplies Expense 42,520

Utilities Expense 8,595

Depreciation Expense 156,500

Interest Expense 6,840
_________ Totals $1,559,065 $1,559,065
Prepare the general journal entry (without explanation) needed to close the revenue(s) for the year end. Use compound entries where required. If no entry is required then write “No Entry Required.”

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