Question:Below are the answers I calculated for the query,

Could you kindly help me solve this problem below.
May 5, 2020
Need help please. I’m kind a confuse on how to complete the adjusted trial balance. Thank you
May 5, 2020

Question:Below are the answers I calculated for the query, could you

please confirm if correct. If not, could you please show how to derive solution:

Using the following data calculate the following ratios: Current Ratio 2 Quick Ratio 1.5 Working Capital 30.000

Cash $30.000 Accounts Receivable 10.000 Marketable Securities 5.000 Inventory 15.000 Equipment 22.000 Accumulated Depreciation-Equipment 8.000 Patent 7.000 Accounts Payable 9.000 Wages Payable 10.000 Current Portion of Long Term Debt 11.000 Bonds Payable (Due 2030) 19.000 Long Term Notes Payable 10.500 Common Stock 15.000 Preferred Stock 10.000 Retained Earnings 3.500

In conjunction, I am having trouble with the following:

Requirement: Calculate the issue price of bonds Principal $150.000 Term Payable in 5 years Interest Payable 7% payments due at end of each year Market at issue date 8%

Provided the following requires completion:
Bond Issue Price

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